Monthly Archives: January 2008

A Brief History of Berks Street

After a bit of research and planning, here is a brief documentary on Berks Street from just East of Frankford Ave to 15th Street. The most interesting changes were, not surprisingly, where Temple University’s main campus is now located. I discovered that a parking lot and student sports pavilion were built over a really decadent cemetery from the early 20th century. Some not so surprising changes: there’s more trash and cars now, and the streets are definitely smaller.


09-1012-berks.jpg10-10th-and-berks.jpg05-berks-and-cedar.jpg06-berks-and-howard.jpg02-9th-and-berks.jpg03-train.jpg04-10th-and-berks.jpg09-broad-and-berks.jpg08-broad-and-berks.jpgE Berks and Cedar Streets