The Fifth Floor: Spinal Cord Injuries at Magee Rehabilitaion Hospital

For the last two months I have spent countless hours at Magee Rehab, one of the nation’s leading facilities for rehabilitating care. Thanks to the many inspiring people there, I have learned quite a bit about life as well as myself.

Thank you to Skip, Daren, Kyle and James and their wonderful, caring families for letting me document such a dramatic time in their lives.

0 thoughts on “The Fifth Floor: Spinal Cord Injuries at Magee Rehabilitaion Hospital

  1. Steve

    These are amazing, moving, and heart-warming stories where tragedy meets hope and where compassion and the human spirit rise above physical limitations. There is great beauty in the love and sacrifice of families and caregivers. Perhaps some have asked where God was when these tragic events took place or why He allowed them to happen? That can’t be answered completely and rationally. But God can be seen today in what He has allowed to be accomplished in the patients and families and through the tireless service of the caregivers.

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